Saturday, 19 April 2014

America accedes to terrorist rules

In a week where the head of state of the United Kingdom and many Commonwealth countries shook hands with a former terrorist commander, the United States abrogated international law by refusing to allow Iran's envoy to the United Nations. The United Nations estate in New York City in itself enjoys extraterritorial status by virtue of a long-established treaty with the USA.

Envoy Hamid Abutalebi says he served solely as a periodic translator for the Islamist students who seized the U.S. embassy hostages, and took no part in the violence. CBC News reports that he has since evolved into a moderate figure favouring, like President Hassan Rouhani, a thaw in Iran's ties with the West.

By taking the law into its own hands in this matter, the United States has put itself on the same intellectual level as the Taliban who feel justified in killing Afghan citizens whose only "crime" was to act as intermediaries between military occupiers and the civilian population.

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