Thursday, 24 April 2014

UK Business response to UKIP posters

British Influence puts the case against Nigel Farage and his multi-millionaire backers better than I could:

Footnote: in his TV debates with Nick Clegg, Farage stated that the House of Commons Library figures understate the amount of EU-dictated law because they cover only primary legislation. However, even if Statutory Instruments (subsidiary legislation) are taken into account, the total is less than half - probably no more than 40%.

Farage presents himself as a disinterested patriot, but it is clear from closer examination of his policies that his aim is to create a Britain with minimal protection of the interests of those Labour voters he seems to be seducing.

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Maelo Manning said...

Nigel Farage is a one trick pony with no policy detail. I hope you are ok and Happy Easter.