Thursday, 17 April 2014

UKIP shifting its ground

Peter Black draws attention to the misuse of expenses by Nigel Farage among other dodgy UKIP attitudes.

In his article in the Indy this week (the Indy's own report is here), Nigel Farage comes clean, abandoning any pretence that he uses his monthly allowance from the European Parliament for much more than projecting his own image.

All MEPs are giving a fixed allowance of £3,850 per month. They do not have to provide receipts for any of that expenditure [...] I have done nothing illegal - I have always said that I will use all legal means to get us out of the EU, and I make absolutely no apologies for using EU money to do it.

For "EU money" read "tax-payers' money including our own". For a short exposé of how UKIP MEPs earn their salaries and expenses, listen to Chris Davies MEP here - and for what a truly active MEP can do for his country see Chris's c.v.

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