Thursday, 22 May 2014

Salvation or purgatory? Some Euro odds and ends

Nathan Gill of UKIP on Sunday Supplement repeated the old canard that in the last EU referendum "you was voting on whether or not to be part of a trading bloc". As I have previously blogged, Edward Heath among others made clear the political dimension. Now, thanks to Bill Newton-Dunn's blog (temporarily unavailable for some reason) I find that even Mrs Thatcher recognised the need for the common market to enforce rules from the centre and that the EEC was more than just a free trade area.

Nor is our entry fee £55m per day - it is more like £36m, about £20m of which we get back in one form or another.

I was impressed by Alec Dauncey's quiet authority on ITV's Sharp End (as previously on Sunday Supplement) which reinforced my commitment to a LibDem vote today.

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