Sunday, 25 May 2014

Trekking in Nepal, yomping in Wiltshire

If you're fit, love a challenge, have holiday money to spare and want to enjoy scenery which is even more amazing than Wales, then the Annapurna treks in March and October of next year are for you. The Gurkha Welfare Trust and the charity challenge company Discover Adventure are partners in the fundraising treks, which each have up to 40 places available. More details here, where there are some great pictures even if you have no intention of going.

Something closer to home which is physically testing in a different way is the Gurkha Run on Salisbury Plain in October.

If, like me, you are more armchair-bound and would like to help Gurkha veterans (who have long-established links with Wales) and their families in other ways, then visit

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