Thursday, 8 May 2014

Labour's "European" party election broadcast

Well, that was disappointing. I made a point of catching yesterday's Welsh Labour PPB (as I still think of them) in the hope that it might have something more to say about Labour's performance in and aspirations for the European Parliament than the leaflet pushed through the door last week.

In the event, it had far less to say. It had nothing to say about Europe. It was an off-the-shelf general attack on the Westminster government, which could have been broadcast any time. This would be excusable if there were to be local elections in Wales as there are in England, but on the 22nd May we will be solely concerned with the European Parliament.

Welsh Liberal Democrats may be criticised for using the Nick Clegg-helmed PPB (if only we had the funds the other parties can call on, in order to produce our own video!), but it must be conceded that it makes a positive case for participation in the EU. Kirsty Williams and Alex Dauncey reinforced the point at the launch of the Welsh LibDem Euro campaign.

By the way, if you want to catch up on all the Euro PPBs, the BBC has provided a list here.

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