Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Theresa May ups the ante

Now we have the answer to the question I posed yesterday. Ms May used the "weapons of mass destruction" argument to assert the need for even more draconian laws affecting civil rights. It is no wonder that David Davis, a long-standing supporter of civil liberty, broke ranks to give a TV interview warning against such legislation.

Incidentally, this points up a difference between Liberal Democrat Conference and the annual Conservative rally. David Davis had to go outside the conference centre to make his views public. When Liberal Democrat ministers put forward policies which go against the grain of party feeling, they will be challenged from the platform in open debate.


Anonymous said...

Tories truly are awful, aren't they? Begs the question "why are the LibDems in coalition with them?"

Frank H Little said...

Just think how bad they would be if they were ruling alone - actually, you get a good idea from the speeches in Birmingham this week.

Frank H Little said...

See also Julian Huppert's response to the speech: http://stephentall.org/2014/09/30/julian-huppert-writes-to-theresa-may-over-snoopers-charter-allegation-i-would-expect-you-to-issue-a-public-correction-and-an-apology-at-the-earliest-opportunity/