Tuesday, 23 September 2014

UKIP against helping redundant workers

The votes of MEPs are now presented in a much more accessible form, something I have been wanting for years, thanks to Votewatch Europe. It seems that, from reports of the first few sessions of the new Parliament, UKIP has actually taken to heart criticism that its MEPs collect their salaries but do not bother to turn up. However, as one might expect, their votes so far have been overwhelmingly negative.

The votes on providing positive support to redundant workers in economies worst hit by the drying-up of credit are typical. As Votewatch reports:

MEPs voted in favour of the mobilisation of the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGF) to help redundant workers to find new jobs for five applications coming from Greece, Romania, Spain (Aragón & Castilla y León) and the Netherlands, and for a technical assistance application at the initiative of the European Commission. The aid offers workers measures such as information sessions, occupational guidance, jobs-search assistance and promotion of entrepreneurship among others. The EGF is a financial aid set up by the EU to provide additional support for workers made redundant as a result of major structural changes in world trade patters due to globalisation or the financial crises and to help them find new jobs. All the political groups supported the reports. Only the majority of the ECR group and part [i.e. UKIP] of the EFDD group voted against. Now, the EGF funding needs to be approved by the Council of Ministers.

Mind you, I believe Greece and Spain in particular could do more to help themselves by tackling their black economies and tax evasion generally.

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