Monday, 20 April 2015

A campaign that the next parliament should take note of

I am not going to put money on Ed Goncalves winning the Rugby constituency, which looks like being a fight between Labour and Conservative* but his vote share will be an indication of how much the public is still concerned about MPs' troughing at our expense. Ed is centring his campaign on an attack on the expenses culture of Westminster. Even in a party which wants to clean up politics, Ed's platform stands out. Some samples:

If Ed's vote goes up markedly, against the trend of opinion research, then the new roster of MPs will need to take seriously further reforms in Westminster.

*2010 result in Rugby [courtesy of UKElect]
Electorate 68914
Mark Pawsey, Con 20901 44.03%
Andy King, Lab 14901 31.39%
Jerry Roodhouse, LDm  9434 19.87%
Mark Badrick, BNP  1375 2.89%
Roy Sandison, Grn   451 0.95%
Barry Milford, UKIP   406 0.85%
Total 47468 68.88%
Con Majority  6000 12.64%
Con Gain From Lab
Swing from Labour to Conservative of 6.63%

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