Friday, 24 April 2015

Revolt against party-political NUS campaign

The politically-motivated National Union of Students' "Liar Liar" campaign has come under increasing fire. £40,000 of student union funds is reported to have been spent on the personal attack on Nick Clegg. The NUS, which has over the years been a forcing-ground for Labour politicians, has form in this area as Nick Barlow's blog recalls.

The fact is that students get a far better deal under the revised tuition fees scheme of the coalition than they did under Labour. If you don't believe me, believe the independent Martin Lewis of Money Saving Expert. Also believe the facts: university admissions have risen and the number of students from disadvantaged backgrounds has risen faster since 2010.

The posters are clearly not aimed at current students, who are taking advantage of the more generous rules and who will not benefit from the campaign, but at older voters who are unaware of the facts. A Facebook Event countering the propaganda has proved popular.

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Frank H Little said...

Network Rail has now ordered the NUS poster to be taken down from rail stations.