Monday, 27 April 2015


At the time of writing the number of confirmed deaths in Nepal is 3700. Because of the difficulties of communication in the mountainous nation, there is almost certainly worse news to come.

The Gurkha Welfare Trust reports on Facebook:

Reports of significant damage to the homes of our Gurkha veterans across affected areas are now starting to pour into our HQ in Pokhara. Damage ranges from cracks to complete destruction with our pensioners sleeping in temporary accommodation. It's clear that large numbers have been affected.

The Disasters Emergency Committee is collecting to help the Nepalis. May I also put in a word for the Gurkha Welfare Trust? Donating to the GWT will not only help deserving veterans, who have links to this part of the world, but also reduce the load on other aid workers.

We should be proud of the volunteers from the Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service who are taking their expertise and specialist equipment to Nepal. COBRA and the International Development ministry have also moved swiftly to assist. The speed of this response points to the need for any future government to retain the Department for International Development machinery.

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Frank H Little said...

Death toll now over 4,000.

For those reading this in Brecon, Kirsty has posted that if you "would like to show your support for them at this awful time, there is a coffee morning on Friday [1st May] 10am-12pm in the Guild Hall"