Sunday, 17 January 2016

Beefing up the European Movement's campaign

The European Movement has made three new appointments to its campaign for a "remain" vote in David Cameron's referendum (whenever it comes). The Chief Operating Officer is to be Matthew Fulton, who was the Labour Organiser for Norwich North before going on to run the Jeremy for Labour Leader campaign in the East of England. Matthew will be responsible for the overall management of the organisation, building links with affiliated groups and liaising with the Britain Stronger In Europe campaign group.

Remembering what happened to the Yes To AV campaign after a Labourite was appointed to run it made me pause, but one must admit that "Jeremy For Leader" exceeded all expectations, and there are signs that, post Gordon Brown, there is more enthusiasm for the EU in Labour ranks. Besides, there are recruits from other parties. The new Campaign Director, Clifford Fleming, was the Internal Communication Coordinator for the Green Party overseeing communications to members and has previously been the Co-Chair of the Young Greens building the membership from 1,500 to 20,000 in two years. (It is reassuring that Caroline Lucas, the Green parliamentary party, is also an enthusiast for EU membership.) Finally the EM has taken on a Digital Director in the shape of Alex Lister, who ran the digital campaign for the Conservative Party in South Thanet where he played an important role in ensuring Nigel Farage did not secure the seat. Alex will be running the EM's national digital campaign as well as supporting groups at a local level. I trust he will take on board my plea at the last EM meeting in Wales for a Welsh language web page in support of "remain".

More information is available by clicking on the Movement's symbol in the right-hand side panel.

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