Friday, 15 January 2016

Labour "unruly rabble"

Dr Edward Doherty of Swansea put his finger on Labour's big trouble in his letter to the Independent today:

It is not Jeremy Corbyn, as leader of the Labour Party, who will prevent people from voting for them, but the behaviour of the party as a whole. They currently look like an unruly rabble, full of egocentrics putting themselves before the good of the party and preventing us (the electorate) from having a functioning opposition.

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Frank H Little said...

Looking at in another way:

Garry Parvin, High Peak constituency secretary, reported an increase in membership from 100 to 463 – with 259 joining after the May election before and 30 September. “In the main, yes, they are Corbyn supporters,” he said.

Asked whether remaking the party to reflect leftwing values was more important to them than winning the 2020 general election, Parvin said: “Frankly, yes. There are a lot of ideologically driven people who feel that we’re going to lose anyway so we may as well lose on principle.”