Monday, 18 January 2016

The Cameron government and the EU

David Cameron has been consistent in siding with the heads of government of other nations with motor manufacturers against the wishes of the European Commission and Parliament.

Catherine Bearder MEP, citing a Guardian article, writes:
Last October I was furious when the UK government caved into pressure from the car industry and supported a secretive agreement to weaken EU diesel emission limits. Strong emission limits are crucial for tackling deadly air pollution in our cities and so this was a huge own goal. 

Now two legal studies have found that this decision was illegal. This was a political decision which has huge implications for public health, so it should been debated publicly and not stitched up behind closed doors. MEPs have the chance to reject this stitch-up and ensure stricter limits are put in place at a vote in a few weeks' time. You can guess which way I'll be voting!

This is against a background of continuing misinformation about the balance of power within the EU emanating from UKIP and others of the same kidney. The latest example comes from a UKIP MEP who should know better. 

The point I keep making is that whatever proposals the Commission makes or the Parliament approves can be scuppered by the council of ministers - who are elected from the constituent nations. Anna Soubry, minister for business, has today made a valiant effort to defend the government's record on supporting the UK steel industry in the councils of Europe, but one wonders how much she has been undercut by the machinations of those above her.

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