Sunday, 10 April 2016

The future of the Swans

The report of an American takeover of the Swans is worrying. The North American attitude to sports "franchises" is radically different from the British tradition and different again from the involvement of supporters' trusts, of which Swansea City ST was an early example. We have the example of Aston Villa as a long-established and well-supported team brought low by the impatience of an American owner who did not understand British football.

There were signs last night in the clips on Match of the Day of a return to the crisp precise passing with which Swansea announced their entry to the Premier League. I would hate to see that style lost in the search for instant returns under a fashionable manager.

There is some reassurance in the continuing presence of Huw Jenkins in the leadership team, but one wonders how much say he will have in the future direction of the club.

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