Saturday, 11 June 2016

PM still not giving credit for LibDem contribution

At PMQs this week in reply to a question from Jeremy Corbyn, David Cameron said:

I absolutely abhor the appalling practice of not paying the minimum wage, and this Government have done more than any previous Government to crack down on non-payment. We have levied almost 5,000 penalties since 2010. [...] On the issue of zero-hours contracts, we legislated in the last Parliament to stop exclusive zero-hours contracts

That would be five years of government in coalition with the Liberal Democrats and a year with the Conservatives ruling alone.

Mr Cameron also said:

One reason that many people will want to stay in the European Union is that they believe it provides an underpinning of rights for workers and employment rights. I would make the point, in addition, that we in this House have repeatedly chosen to go over and above those rights: we have had the right to request flexible working for all workers since 2014; we went well beyond the EU directive on maternity leave by giving 52 weeks’ maternity leave; we have provided shared parental leave; and we give eight days more annual leave to full-time workers than the EU working time directive.

As Jo Swinson revealed, Conservatives resisted many of these measures. It is doubtful whether these improvements would have been achieved without LibDem pressure.

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