Tuesday, 21 June 2016

The positive case for remaining

Laura Sandys of the European Movement has sent me the following email, with which I agree. 


Between all the arguments and the mudslinging, what often gets lost in the debate around the EU referendum is the positive case for remaining.

Europe is our continent, and together with our neighbours we have achieved some amazing things: 3 million people have jobs in the UK related to trade with the EU; for the longest time in history we have had no war between EU states; and our environment is cleaner and safer, not just building a great today but an even better tomorrow.

These are my reasons for remaining – What are yours?

Print out our poster and fill it in to say why you’re voting to remain. Then take a photo and post it to your Facebook or Twitter account using the hashtag #Remain.
With just 4 days to go before the vote, now is the time for us all to show our colours.

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