Tuesday, 7 March 2017

David Miliband is unlikely to come back

There was an interesting thought by Damian of Cwmbwrla on Peter Black's blog over the weekend, that as Jeremy Corbyn's approval ratings with the Labour membership slump, David Miliband could launch a comeback via the by-election in Manchester Gorton. Miliband's Jewish background would clearly not hurt there. In the medium to long term he would be well placed to take over the leadership should he win the seat.

But in the current political climate, Gorton is not going to be a walk-over for Labour. The odds against Jackie Pearcey winning the seat for the Liberal Democrats are shortening as I write. Even if David Miliband does return to the Commons, the short term result will be increased turmoil in the Labour Party as MPs publicly take sides, and the papers will be sure to whip up the fraternal rivalry with Ed all over again. Labour is very unlikely to win the next election. Indeed, they will struggle to maintain their position as the official opposition. Miliband will be loth to give up a well-paid job with an international organisation for an uncertain future.

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