Tuesday, 28 March 2017

No you-know-what in our campaign

I see that some parties in England on the Remain side of the EU debate are intent on using the disillusionment with the process of Leaving to encourage tactical voting to get rid of Conservative and Socialist local councillors. This may have some limited effect, though I suspect the "Richmond effect" will not transfer so easily as its enthusiasts expect. But I disagree on principle with majoring on national issues in contests which will affect the direction of local councils for the next four or five years. Besides, it risks putting off voters who are natural Liberal sympathisers but are also dubious about the EU, if they believe we are just a one-issue party.

I am glad to say that none of the Liberal Democrat literature that I have seen being prepared for the county borough elections in Neath Port Talbot mentions you-know-what. We certainly have more than enough local matters to fill our Focuses!

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