Sunday, 30 April 2017

Air pollution

A study part-funded by the British Heart Foundation, showing a link between air pollution and both heart disease and stroke, strengthens the case for government action. Ed Davey, who was Energy Secretary in the coalition government and before that an environmental campaigner, was understandably exercised. He said “The health risks associated with toxic air are becoming clearer by the day. Yet still this government is failing to come up with a proper plan to reduce air pollution in our cities. The Conservatives must not kick the can down the road any longer. The longer we wait to tackle the air pollution crisis, the more people will die prematurely at the hands of this silent killer.”

He hailed the high court decision to compel the government to publish its action plan on pollution, which ministers had attempted to hold back until after the general election on specious "purdah" grounds: : “This is a dramatic defeat for the Conservative government. Ministers have used taxpayer money to try to hide proof of their environmental failures. And they have even failed there, too. With scientists showing the health impact of air pollution being far worse than we thought, it is disgraceful for the Conservatives to try to bury the truth from voters.”

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