Friday, 23 June 2017

Anti-terror measures stepped up at the cost of day-to-day policing

Amber Rudd's statement to the Commons yesterday made clear that anti-terror operations will be strengthened by giving firearms training to more officers but that no new money would be given to the police overall. The implication is that more front-line policemen and women will be diverted to state security while prevention and investigation of crimes which affect ordinary people up and down the country will be starved of resources.

The fact that both Labour and Liberal Democrat manifestos for the recent general election pledged  restoration of cuts in the police service which have occurred from the noughties onward, while the Conservatives have made no such provision, points up Tory priorities. The Tories are more concerned about the security of the state than the security of ordinary people.

What is worse is that they have given up on the only piece of legislation which offered hope of reform of criminal justice, the Prisons and Courts Bill. Instead, there is a vague promise of making the courts more efficient.

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jeff3 said...

the torys have sacked far to many police slaughtered the forces by their cuts yet on it goes the farce while at the police station now working are g4s even doing the policemans work of those pesky vans that take photos of you the torys will have sacked most police to give us a g4s of guards if they get their way whot peoples donot realise while they use the laws to rid themselves of peskie bloggers who go against them its coming has she uses the excuss of terror to control the population oh dear