Monday, 12 June 2017

Jeremy Corbyn

Let us be clear: Jeremy Corbyn did not win the general election, nor have enough like-minded MPs in the new parliament to form a viable coalition.

Having said that, his qualities which attracted so many new members to the Labour party after his election as leader obviously enthused a large minority of voters, especially young voters. I was one of the first to welcome not only his standing in that leadership election (which was by the skin of his teeth) but his success as at last giving Labour some point in existing. It has paid off for Labour. Ironically, his fiercest critics within the party have now come to appreciate him while I have come to find fault with his swithering where he used to be so firm, particularly on nuclear weapons and the EU. These are matters on which the government needs the strongest opposition, yet Corbyn seems to have fallen in with the May line on both.

Corbyn is still not liked or trusted by New Labour. There is open hostility to Theresa May, not only from Conservative commentators and ex-MPs but also from current members. Leanne Wood is said to have been rescued by the result in Ceredigion. Nicola Sturgeon may be under pressure in spite of delivering the second-best SNP Westminster tally in the party's history. Tim Farron is the most popular leader of his party, in spite of the Telegraph's stirring. If only we could translate that into votes as Corbyn has done.

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