Saturday, 10 June 2017

Nick Clegg

I must admit that my first reaction on hearing that Nick Clegg had lost his seat in Westminster was one of relief, both for him and the party. It frees him from the mundane work of parliament, the constituency and the party which always seemed to be irksome. He can move on to a more high-profile rĂ´le while he is still relatively young - though a peerage might prove useful.

For the party, it removes a focus on which the media might build a theme of challenge to the leadership, at a time when Tim Farron needs to consolidate. Of course, it is sad to lose Sheffield Hallam, which Richard Allan first held for us when the constituency was formed in 1997 and then passed on to Nick in order for the latter to move from Strasbourg to Westminster. However, smart money is on another general election in the near future and students may well pass judgment on Jeremy Corbyn's failure to abolish tuition fees.

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