Monday, 4 September 2017

Barry composer Grace Williams to be commemorated

Swansea has Daniel Jones (Dylan Thomas's bosom pal in schooldays) while Barry has Grace Williams. Jones was able to survive as a professional musician but Williams was restricted by the need to earn a living and by precarious health from achieving the volume of work her talent promised. On the 40th anniversary of her death, Bangor University is holding the First International Conference on Women's Work in Music starting today.

Celebrating the Achievements of Women Musicians 

The Conference aims to bring together academics, researchers and music professionals from around the world to share their research and experience of all aspects of women working in music. 
The Conference will seek to both celebrate the achievements of women musicians, and to critically explore and discuss the changing contexts of women’s work in music on the international stage. The diversity and richness of this work will be illustrated at the conference through presentations in areas such as:
  • historical musicology, 
  • music education, 
  • ethnomusicology, 
  • practice-led research and performance, 
  • composition,
  • music analysis, 
  • popular music studies and much more.

Thanks to JDCMB for the notice

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