Friday, 8 September 2017

Our tagati deserted us

Now we know why Liberals and Liberal Democrats hung on in Wales for so long. It was magic. South African president Jacob Zuma has revealed all in a speech in Lwandle in the Western Cape. The Times of South Africa reports him as crediting the continuing success of the Democratic Alliance (Liberal Democrats' sister party) in the region on sorcery and the supernatural.

Addressing a packed Lwandle Hall‚ in Strand‚ on Thursday‚ Zuma said ghosts might even been voting to keep the DA in power.
“I don’t know where they get the luck to win here because people in the majority are not living comfortable. I don’t know‚ [maybe] it’s because of witchcraft‚ witches practice their craft in different ways‚” said Zuma.
He said nowadays witches even used electricity.
“In the last elections I was satisfied that we are taking the Western Cape‚ I even said so. What went wrong? I too can’t tell you. It’s witchcraft‚ you never know. Maybe even ghosts are voting‚” said Zuma.
His address [to ANC cadres] comes a year after the party took a massive beating in the 2016 Local Government Elections‚ losing all councils.
In the City of Cape Town‚ the DA won back the municipality with a two-thirds majority.
Zuma said the ANC was a party which was backed by both the ancestors and God.
Zuma also had words for his political opponents‚ saying he was not going to leave office until his term ended.
“There is not a single country where its president face eight votes [of no confidences] in parliament and all of them failed. The last time ...they used large sums of money‚ buying people‚ money that is hard to say no to‚” said Zuma.
He said his opponents during the motion were so desperate that they ended up pleading with him to please step down but could not come up with reasons for him to step down.
“Ancestors would abandon me if I would leave because of people who talk a lot .... I will be with you‚ even when my term has ended. I will be in branches‚ speaking‚” said Zuma.
He said he would never disappear even if people poisoned him.

This is the man who is in an unholy alliance with the Gupta family and Bell Pottinger. But maybe he is on to something. The ancestors must be keeping Welsh Labour in power, while the spirit of Lloyd George (often described as the Welsh wizard) has deserted the Liberal Democrats.

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