Tuesday, 5 September 2017

The next referendum?

The following letter recently appeared in the Neath Ferret:

So we have got 45 Gay MPs - role models for our younger generation? It is not normal to be gay, which ever way you looked at it. I understand these people cannot help their genes and their sexual orientation - but the issues must be looked closely. Let's look at it from an extreme angle - what if all MPs were gay? Another thought, what if future cabinet ministers were only appointed if they were gay? Will it develop to a party (or club within Westminster), bearing in mind that birds of a feather flock together.

A thought experiment. Suppose a prominent politician, well-known for his amatory heterosexual adventures, feels that his way to the top is being blocked by a gay mafia. He forms a new party, (let's call it the United Kingdom Normal Party) and starts a campaign to reverse the social reforms of fifty years ago*. He is enthusiastically joined by the Express, Mail and Sun. The UKNP stands candidates in by-elections, who do not win, but influence the results. The pressure tells on the May government, which agrees to hold a binding referendum on the subject, confident in the belief that the British people will not make government and public life poorer by driving away homosexuals.

UKNP buys a battle-bus and adorns it with the slogan: "350 kids a week are buggered legally. We can stop this." This is half-heartedly rebutted in the case put by the government. The result is inevitable.

Of course, it would never happen. No government which had the interests of the British people at heart would allow their future to be jeopardised by unreasoning prejudice.

*Round about the same time as we joined the European Free Trade Area

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