Friday, 2 March 2018

Memories of South Ealing

Sitting here in my snug back room with a wintry scene outside, I have suddenly started remembering names and faces from fifty-odd years ago. I know what the immediate trigger was - staring at a blank crossword grid, the words of a lecturer on my first computer course came back to me: "If you are not problem-solvers, then what are you doing here?" It was one of the two male lecturers, either Lionel or the only one whose name I cannot remember, and the only one with a pronounced London accent. The others, Jacky, Gill (Jill?) and Lionel spoke RP and were probably all ex-teachers. I recall Jacky saying that the company had learned from experience that it was more effective to train people with an aptitude for teaching to program than to train computer experts in the art of teaching.

I have found links to Leo computers and hope to expand on this posting later.

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