Monday, 26 March 2018


I would guess that hardly anyone on the Leave side of the 2016 EU referendum actually believed in that £350m per week for the health service which Boris Johnson promised, but other outcomes must surely have disappointed many. Welsh Nationalists who saw independence from Europe as a first step to independence for the nation saw not more powers coming to Wales, but Westminster grabbing back much that was previously devolved. Farmers who saw Brexit as a means of losing "red tape" have heard Michael Gove promising more stringent regulation than in the EU. Fishermen have openly expressed their feeling of betrayal over the postponement of exit from the CFP.

Now we know that floating voters were targeted by Cambridge Analytica and AIQ of Canada. Moreover, the latter was provided with funds in a move which may have evaded election spending rules. So voters were not only lied to and given false promises by the official Leave campaign, they were worked on surreptitiously via social media as well.

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