Sunday, 5 August 2018

A sensible point of view on EU membership

Isn't it amazing how the BBC and other crypto-Brexiteers in the media have managed to get a People's Vote thought of as a "second" referendum? We had that second referendum in 2016 with an indecisive result, statistically speaking. The first, 1975, referendum had a clear two-thirds vote in favour of staying in the European community, and that after the political implications were aired as they were not to be in 2016.

Michael Morpurgo put the record straight in his Radio 4 Point of View this weekend. He did not shrink from giving the objections to membership their due, but as might be expected from the author of War Horse, he came down in favour of a further vote on membership of a club which has given us peace in Europe for more than a generation, not to mention full employment and the maintenance of the NHS in England and in Wales.

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Frank Little said...

David Campbell-Bannerman, UKIP/Conservative MEP has tweeted "On war, the EU messed up on Yugoslavia & Ukraine". It should be pointed out that Ukraine remains outside the EU and that the ex-Yugoslav republics joined the EU only after the 1990 Balkan war ended. The EU cannot be blamed for the indecisiveness of NATO.