Monday, 20 August 2018

Progress on patient records in Bridgend

A Liberal Democrat 1992 manifesto commitment is being implemented incrementally in ABMU this century.

The relevant paragraph from the manifesto is:

Real choice in health care. We will introduce an effeict Patient's Charter, including rights to hospital treatment within a specified time, a choice of GP, guaranteed access to health records, and a comprehensive no-fault compensation scheme. We will require health authorities to publish a Charter of Services, defining basic entitlements, and provide redress where these are not satisfied. We will establish a new National Inspectorate for Health to guarantee a quality service.

Since then, we have had advances in IT which have put a computer in the pocket of any possessor of a smartphone. So software which has already been used in 30 hospitals across England, including Great Ormond Street in London, has been introduced to ten departments in the Princess of Wales hospital in Bridgend. after a trial in dermatology at Singleton and urology in Morriston. There are more details here.

What is available to those patients now goes beyond the dreams of the drafters of the manifesto, but sadly none of the other aspirations is closer to realisation, either side of the border.

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