Friday, 22 March 2019

The cliff edge is getting closer

Parliament lost its nerve last Thursday. Accordingly, there is no commitment to a People's Vote (which would force the government to amend the withdrawal Act and ask for a longer extension than the two months the EU is willing to grant) and no legal check on Mrs May. There is still the faint hope that a demonstration of the huge numbers in favour of staying in the EU might just persuade the cabinet, if not the blinkered Mrs May, to think again.

Accordingly, I support the Stop Brexit March:


I signed the Revoke Article 50 petition (others are available but that is the one which is gaining most support - 1.15 million at the time of writing).

If the worst happens next Friday, and we crash out of the EU, then the country will need competent leadership which is not beholden to vested interests to pick up the pieces. If you agree, then Vince Cable and the Liberal Democrats are here for you. You can either commit as a member, or register as a supporter, here.

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