Thursday, 17 October 2019

More from the EP front line

Reports from British Lib Dem MEPs on how they are making a difference continue to flow. In her latest, Judith Bunting describes the

round of Commissioner-Designate hearings, which provided us MEPs with a great opportunity to scrutinise what are essentially incoming European Ministers. I was able to attend more last week, including, Margrethe Vestager’s, whose proposed portfolio is “Europe fit for the digital age competition” and Frans Timmermans’, whose proposed portfolio is “European Green Deal Climate Action”. The hearings are a great help to highlight any issues, such as financial irregularities or potential conflicts of interest, incredibly democratic!

She adds:

As the only mainstream anti-Brexit party, it’s fallen to the Lib Dems to protect the relationship that the UK has with our European allies. Amongst the back-turning, the shouting, and the insults, never before has it been so important to treat our closest allies with the respect they deserve.

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