Saturday, 26 October 2019

The apple does not fall far from the tree

Jacob Rees Mogg, as Leader of the House, slipped another untruth about the European Union into one of his replies to business questions last Thursday. If EU directives were ever the sole responsibility of bureaucrats, those days are long past as the European Parliament (EP) has gained powers of codecision with the council of ministers. The council in turn consists of ministers elected democratically by the 28 member nations. The EP now also has the ability to raise issues which the commission must investigate for possible legislation. But of course "faceless bureaucrats" is a catchy headline phrase, as befits the son of a journalist who worked for Rupert Murdoch for nearly twenty years and pronounced: "Looking back, he has been an excellent proprietor for the Times, but also for Fleet Street." A typical News International stunt was described in an earlier post here.

The Leader went even further the previous week when he referred to the "imperial yoke" of the EU. Where is the occupying army keeping us in subjection? (US forces do not count, unless you believe like the late Gore Vidal in an american empire.) Where is the emperor?

The man in the EU with the most obvious imperial pretensions and even pedigree is Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson (formerly Kamel). Even Emmanuel Macron, often accused of seeing himself as a 21st century Bonaparte, has not put himself above parliament, Nazi-style.

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