Thursday, 21 May 2020

Other non-Covid stories you may have missed

Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan are in dispute over the waters of the Nile. Since 2011, Ethiopia has been building on the Blue Nile the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). This will be Africa’s biggest hydroelectric power plant once completed. Negotiations, which have stalled, centre on the pace at which Ethiopia fills the 74 billion cubic metre reservoir behind the dam and the impact that could have on water supplies downstream in Sudan and Egypt. The UN Secretary General has stepped in to encourage resumption of talks.

There is water impact elsewhere in Africa. The worst drought in decades continues to affect Zimbabwe, while hundreds of people have died in floods in East Africa.

Calls for more control over space junk. The remains of a Chinese Long March 5B launch vehicle fell into the Atlantic earlier this month. At 18 tons, it is the largest piece of space debris to return to earth since 1991. Some US newspapers speculated that New York had a narrow miss.

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