Thursday, 14 May 2020

WHO weakness

More evidence that the WHO is not as good as it should be. An EP research briefing states:
Even before coronavirus, the WHO already had a mixed track record, including, on the one hand, successful eradication of smallpox, and on the other, a delayed response to the West African Ebola epidemic of 2014, which may have cost thousands of lives. Its failures, both in the Covid-19 pandemic and in previous health crises, highlight long-standing problems: the agency is weak, underfunded, and its complex organisational structure can get in the way of effective action. Underlying such weaknesses is the fact that the WHO is entirely dependent on cooperation from its member states and can only act within the limits set by them. While Covid-19 has highlighted many of the WHO’s weaknesses, it is also a reminder that diseases respect no borders, and that the organisation’s task of global coordination has become more necessary than ever. [My emphasis - FHL]

The article includes informative infographics. Although it quotes critics of accusing China of having undue influence on WHO, the graph of contributions shows that this is not so financially.

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