Friday, 15 May 2020

The fighting went on in Burma

From Cyril Kirk's wartime diary:

8th May 1945
Victory in Europe announced.
Very little reaction amongst the boys.
Still putting out barbed wire for local defence.
Churchill’s speech messed up by wireless.
9th May 1945
Moved to reform battery. 70 miles journey.
Oil line tapped in many places by natives.
10th May 1945
108 miles from Rangoon.
Stiffest opposition for long while.
Earlier store up.
Letter from Win.
11th May 1945
Went for rations.
Little firing Jap guns opened up at night div target
Battery had moved 85 ……
12th May 1945
Moved back with C troop to SCHEWDAUNG
13th May 1945
Mail up.
4 from Win, 1 mother, 1 bottle beer ½ Brandy. VDAY

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