Friday, 18 June 2021

Who needs a women's equality party?

 Sandi Toksvig gave up on us too early. I make it that as a result of yesterday's stunning by-election win, the parliamentary Liberal Democrat party will comprise four men and eight women after Sarah Green's introduction to the House of Commons.

Just for fun: plugging the Chesham & Amersham 25% swing from Conservatives to Lib Dems into UK Elect's forecasting application would give us 137 seats if a general election were held today. We would be the second party in Westminster, Labour being the first with 305 MPs, i.e. 21 short of an overall majority. I trust that this does not encourage the Loreleis in both parties who want us to join in a "progressive" alliance with Keir Starmer's Labour against the Conservatives and that our candidate in Batley & Spen is pressing a distinctive Liberal Democrat message.

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