Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Clegg invokes the memory of Rebecca

I had to miss the LibDem Welsh Spring Conference in Llandudno last weekend, but according to the press handout, Nick Clegg included this passage in his speech:

"Time for a party that connects with Wales’s radical roots – the Chartists, the Rebecca Rioters [...]"

Welsh media led on Clegg's attack on 100 years of Labour failure in local government. I am surprised they didn't leap on his implied call for civil disobedience.

I look forward to Peter Black and John Warman in drag, riding out to destroy the toll-booths on the Severn crossings. ;-)

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Frank H Little said...

All right, I'll come clean, Nick Clegg did go on to say: We’ve got to change this – not by returning to armed marches and riots, of course not.

(He was referring to Kirsty Williams' speech, in which she said: “Three hundred years ago, working people rose up and died because they wanted democracy so badly. Now we have it, their descendants take pride in their apathy.”)

But by driving forward again Welsh passion for change.

10 years ago, the devolution referendum and the establishment of Wales’ Assembly created a new energy and a new optimism in Wales.

But it’s dissipated. It’s time to reawaken the Dragon.

Remind the people of Wales that their values are our values.

And that we, the Liberal Democrats, can change the system they’re so fed up with.