Sunday, 10 February 2008

Wales and the World

For those who have not come across it, I can thoroughly recommend Carwyn Edwards newsletter on the activities of Welsh and Welsh societies throughout the world.

A recent gem is:
As you may be aware, I have written a nofel about the Welsh colony in Patagonia (Y Wladfa), titled "El Riflero de Ffos Halen", which, after its nomination for the prize "Revelación" (Diario "La Nación", Buenos Aires, 2001) was later translated into cymraeg and published in Wales by Gwasg-Carreg Gwalch (2004), being nominated as "Y nofel y mîs" in July 2004 by the Welsh Book Council (see:
The fact is that the nofel was recently translated into english by David Morgan and now we are trying to find if a publisher -either in Great Britan or U.S.A- may be interested in publishing the story for the english-speaking community.
Since you are greatly involved in welsh activities, I thought that perhaps you could give us some advice or at least tell us about the possibility of contacting publishers in USA.
In any case, let me thank you very much for your interesting bulletins, which keep me duly informed about welsh affairs all over the world.
Diolch yn fawr a cofion cynnes iawn!
Carlos Dante Ferrari.

The bilingual original title of the novel, and Sr. Ferrari's Welsh spelling of "nofel" are especially intriguing.

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