Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Wind Nazis

I'm not sure whether Glyn Davies or Ioan Richard first coined this phrase, but it seemed that MEP Chris Davies had joined those who wanted to impose wind farms from the centre when I first saw the headline:
Local councils should be required to identify possible windfarm sites in their area according to a North West Euro-MP.

But Chris Davies goes on to say that building more
windfarms must not be at the expense of the many valued landscapes
across the North West. I would add, "or Wales".

He said: “Wind energy has a role to play, but if precious landscapes
are to be lost the public must be convinced that our hills and moorland
are not simply being exploited to support the latest get-rich-quick
scheme from powerful property developers.”

Mr Davies says community based schemes similar to those used in Denmark
should be put in place. Under this model each local authority would
publish a map showing the locations, if any, where average wind speeds
are sufficient to justify windfarm development.

Through public consultation they could then identify the places where
this would command the greatest and least public support and amend
planning guidance accordingly.

This public consultation must be genuine; it was alleged to us recently by the commoners of Cwmllynfell ward, fighting a proposed wind-farm there, that unscrupulous tactics were used in an attempt to secure an appearance of acquiescence by voters there.

(A database of average wind speeds can be
accessed online
, and map of current UK windfarms can be seen here.)

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