Friday, 15 February 2008

Misleading Party Political Broadcast by Welsh Labour

The deacons of spin would have viewers believe that if they vote Labour on May 1st, they will have refuse collection services on a par with Neath Port Talbot's or an anti-crime patrol like Newport.

The people of Merthyr, who have stuck with Labour for twelve years, may have a different story to tell. They also pay the third highest council tax in Wales. They are beaten only by Blaenau Gwent (Labour) and Neath Port Talbot (Labour).


Anonymous said...

Well spotted Frank

Highlighting Neath Port Talbot as a well run council is quite frankly laughable, the good people of NPT must be thinking that there’s another NPT county in Wales, because they couldn’t recognise it from the Party Political Broadcast issued by Labour.

Such a wonderful county to live in that it’s got one of the highest suicide rates in the UK, according to the 2001 census the population of NPT is falling from the previous 1991 census because no-one wants to live there, and that includes the senior officers of the council.

And they did a wonderful job of creating 10,000 jobs in the Baglan Energy Park.

I’m sure that if the Council hasn’t already had it’s budget, they it is due very soon; I’m wondering how many Ratepayers voted in favour of the budget this time?

Frank H Little said...

One thing that NPT is right to be proud of is its waste service. However, this is very much untypical of Labour councils generally, and it is noticeable that Swansea and Bridgend councils' refuse collection improved after Labour was replaced by a LibDem-led coalition in both cases.