Friday, 12 February 2010


Steph Ashley, in a provocative post about Lib Dem beliefs, writes:

As for things individual Lib Dems stand for that make my hackles rise - here's one solid example that highlights a recurrent problem. Tom Brake and his Early Day Motion of 2008 to ban cannabis seeds (still highlighted on his own website here: Banning things is not high on any liberal agenda, frankly.

I would go further. There are far too many motions on both Federal and Welsh conference agendas which call for new laws and not enough calling for existing pointless laws and regulations to be removed. We seem to be falling into the same trap as New Labour, the belief that passing a new law will make the world better. In Labour's case, there is usually adequate existing law, and all that is required is more efficient administration of it.

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Steph Ashley said...

Hear hear, love your thinking! One of my favourite things from the Lib Dems in recent years was the 'freedom bill' which aimed to repeal ten of the most heinous of curtailments of our civil liberty that New Labour have brought in over the last 13 years of unbridled megalomania.. haven't heard much about it lately though, would love to see it resurrected as the jewel in our election campaign crown!