Tuesday, 9 February 2010

A-list candidate would be hit by Cameron tax proposals

One of the few Conservative policies which David Cameron has not back-tracked on is his proposal to favour married couples over single people. He told the press recently: “I’ve always said this is more about the message than the money… I believe we need to try to build a society that is more about ‘we’ rather than ‘me,’ where we celebrate togetherness.”

This may not sit well with Susan Douglas, the former Sunday Express editor, who "is an unofficial adviser to Mr Cameron", "has a seat on the board of the [...] Centre for Policy Studies, one of the Tories' think-tanks of choice", and a strong contender for candidacy in the Conservative-held constituency of Stratford-upon-Avon, according to the Independent. There has been a split with her husband, Niall Ferguson, who has left Ms Douglas and their three children for the controversial Somali-born lawyer Ayaan Hirsi Ali. A friend of Ms Douglas is quoted as saying that the probable divorce was due to Professor Ferguson's "conducting a private life in a manner more akin to that of a Premiership footballer than a professor".

Mr Cameron's message does not seem to be getting through to the darling of conservative academia on both sides of the Atlantic.


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