Friday, 5 February 2010

Durham's EDDY project

Yesterday, LibDem leader Nick Clegg took advantage of a visit to Durham to launch the party's manifesto policy on crime and policing (which will no doubt appear on the party web page in due course).

Being forewarned and curious, I found the following:

"EDDY evolved from the Durham Youth Enterprise Scheme, (DYES), which was founded in 1994.

"When the DYES programme was first piloted in 1994 it was developed after research into youth crime and anti social behaviour and, in particular, youth criminality."

"Most recently a young man appeared on national television praising the programme and its success, he made mention that EDDY has had a dramatic impact on his life and has enabled him to pursue his life’s ambition to join the HM Forces. Nathan is currently excelling at the military college at Harrogate."

So far, so good, but there is a paragraph further down which clearly needs updating:


"The Rt. Hon Tony Blair PM continues to be patron of the programme. Regular contact has been made with No 10 to keep the PM abreast of the expansion and improvements of the programme. Unfortunately due to his hectic schedule the PM has not been able to respond to the needs of the programme and it has been decided to identify a new patron."

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