Sunday, 28 February 2010

Llynfi lines improvement delayed indefinitely

In response to pressure from Liberal Democrats in South Wales West, Ieuan Wyn Jones (minister for the economy and transport) has stated that the reopening of the line between Maesteg and Caerau may be investigated at some time in the future, but that priority has been given to Hirwaun-Aberdare and a former freight line on Anglesey, for which feasibility studies have been commissioned.


Anonymous said...

Very disappointing!

Anonymous said...

The Aberdare-Hirwaun and Maesteg-Caerau projects are very similar. It makes sense not to duplicate work by preparing both business cases simultaneously.
By the way Llangefni-Bangor lost its passenger services in 1964 while Caerau's services ended a few years later in 1970. It's a bit disgingenious to dismiss a potentialy important transport link in the poorest local authority area in England and Wales as a "former freight line on Anglesey".

Frank H Little said...

Anonymous (2): I admit to being somewhat cynical in commenting on a railway improvement in the Minister's own back-yard. I am happy to retract.


i did a report, on this issue in 2007 as i live in Caerau. I sent in to all government leveld. got various letters back. There was a three page one from the (Misnamed IMO) Bridgend County Transport Co-rodination Officer. Saying Employment study needed
and cost prohibitive. Reasons I did not accept. All the evidence and facts are there that it is needed!
Caerau Ward has large population 7,000, same as Brackla and Pyle- they have a station planned or built but not Caerau.

Caerau are getting a cycle track (with art on it) and a new school. ironically an access road has been built on the line to the school.

no wonder the suicide rate is so high arounf here, there is a lack of investment. new road and rail links are needed to bring people in and out. really the train needs to go all the way back to cymmer as 400,000 cyclinsts come there, in my study the end would be Caerau, but Cymmer needs to be the ultimate objective! for jobs etc

but the politicians are determined to stop caerau from really developing. houses have been built on the railway line and a new road was built from caerau to Nantyffyllon and no further, so the valley is clogged with traffic going from the top town.

The Politicians have an unfortunate 'our way or no way attitude.' 'You get this or you get nothing' Yo have a rail-link use it, we will provide extra buses to take up the demand. Insane! the roads are chock a block now!

Anyway a road costs three times as much as a railway- so the answer is obvious

As for Ieuan Wyn Jones he needs to be reminded that he is transport minister for all of Wales and not just anglesey!

I think the Anglesey line needs reopening also. And please if you want to come to a depreived area please come to Caerau/maesteg

The suicide rate is so bad around here it has made the international press. And what to we get, sticky plaster solutions- a new school/ community centre and a cycle track, no jobs no work no opportunities. The politicians will say we are doing this and that

The truth of the matter is while cearau is receiving investment in some areas, it is not getting it in others. transport and employment'education are key indicators of success.

Compare caerau to many other areas and see what they have and caerau does not. The Govenrment stops and Culverhouse Cross