Monday, 19 April 2010

Annoying, useless, hypocritical self-publicists

The socialists (both Labour and SWP, in a rare show of unity) who attempted to disrupt Nick Clegg's Swansea meeting this morning failed to do more than annoy the crowd. If they had really been concerned about the closure of schools, why weren't they picketing the Labour/Plaid coalition in Cardiff, which made the rules forcing councils to close small schools? Where were they when Labour-controlled  Neath Port Talbot council proposed its programme of rationalisation? Instead of shouting nnd waving their little banners, why don't they ask Labour in London and in Cardiff, why Wales receives £587 less per pupil than in England?

The fact is that, although education is devolved to Wales, the best chance for Swansea and other Welsh councils to receive extra money for schools is a Liberal Democrat government in Westminster. Nick Clegg has promised a rise in the Welsh settlement to parallel the extra spending on education in England.


Anonymous said...

Are there any socialists left in Labour?

Anonymous said...

There is a good reason why pupils in England receive £587 more than pupils in Wales, and that due to the fact that those in Power in Cardiff couldn't run a bath.

The Armchair Liberal said...

Frank, local authorities across Wales are struggling with the combined onslaught of reduced budgets and falling pupil numbers. My own local authority, which happens to be a Plaid minority-led administration, has been slammed by Estyn for failing to address a surplus of 5,500 school places. They have no clear plan and are afraid to do anything for fear of upsetting their locals. The uncomfortable truth is that most local authorities are having to make tough choices, but it is only those with guts who seem to be takling it head on in a responsible way.