Thursday, 29 April 2010

Constructive engagement with the EU

This article by Catherine Bearder MEP shows the distinction between Liberal Democrats and the Labservative parties in the EU. Our MEPs are contributing to the improvement of EU policy and directives, not just accepting goodies from Europe then shouting from the sidelines when something happens they don't like. Sitting in on the fringe debates at party conference, I was struck by the way our representatives are punching above their weight in the European Parliament. (I hope Sharon Bowles does not take that as meant literally.)  The article also points up the lack of involvement by Labour ministers who, after all, are part of the final decision-making body in the EU.

This all reminds me: why do we not hear more about the work of our local MEP, Derek Vaughan, after his promise to make Neath more visible in Europe, and Europe more visible in Wales?

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