Sunday, 4 April 2010

Racist death threats

This posting by the Liberal Democrat candidate in Barking shows that the BNP has not lost its snarling core, no matter how much Nick Griffin strives to give it some intellectual garnish.

Meanwhile, there is disturbing news from South Africa.The white supremacist Eugene Terreblanche was murdered by two hands on his farm. It was not a political act as such. The men were after back wages (reported on the radio this morning to be something less than £30) they claimed they were due. However, it appears that the norm in Zimbabwe, that rough justice may be meted out to farm owners if they are of European ancestry, is being imported across the border. President Jacob Zuma needs to send a clear signal that the new multi-racial Republic will not tolerate this.

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Frank H Little said...

Now it appears that there are death threats within the BNP - the party's publicity chief is accused of a violent overthrow of the leadership. The Daily Post has the story.