Thursday, 15 April 2010

More air passengers to be thrown onto the roads

The shuttle bus from Rhoose railway station to the terminal at Cardiff International airport is to be withdrawn, according to this BBC report. I see that a taxi firm "may" be interested in providing a replacement, but it does seem to be a retrograde step.

Of course, if the terminal had not been moved from its previous position near the railway to its present one on the opposite side of the field, the shuttle would not have been necessary in the first place.


Anonymous said...

So much for an integrated transport system in Wales.

The Bus station in Port Talbot is nowhere near the Train Station, you've either got to get a connecting bus or walk the mile to the station. Ditto Swansea

Neath, it appears has got it right, Bridgend is relatively close, roughly 400 mtrs away.

Cardiff is spot on!

Frank H Little said...

Bridgend is worse than Port Talbot, which does not have a hill on the route between bus and rail stations.

Neath is only marginally better than Port Talbot, though express and some non-First services stop by the station forecourt.