Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Defecting Liberal Democrats

"Come in, Mr & Mrs Jones. You asked about your son's prospects after school. I have to say that his GCSE results are moderate, to put it kindly. His English is slipshod but passable, he has a shaky grasp of history and his mathematics is appalling. He does not think logically, so philosophy and science are obviously barred to him. He may, however, have the makings of a political journalist."


Anonymous said...

How have the schools done in NPT regarding A level and GCSE results?

Frank H Little said...

Probably better than the average in Wales. Your point is?

Anonymous said...

Well, that all depends on how things are measured.

I seemed to remember one school in Port Talbot used to reduce the number of pupils entering examinations; this made sure that the brightest kids in the class got higher marks and grades, thus pushing up the pass rate since none of those kids would fail.